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Epson AcuLaser CX11N Driver Download

Epson AcuLaser CX11N Driver Download

Epson AcuLaser CX11N Driver Download
Epson AcuLaser CX11N Driver Download–¬†On the off chance that a purchaser All-in-One consolidates a shading inkjet printer and a scanner, a business All-in-One ought to join a shading laser printer and a scanner. As of not long ago, however, all the better you could do was a mono laser. Epson is transforming all that with the AcuLaser CX11N, the first in another scope of multifunction gadgets, this one in light of the organization’s C1100 shading laser motor. It’s a genuinely generous machine, surely one you would prefer not to move around all alone. In spite of the fact that Epson has attempted to coordinate the two primary parts, despite everything it resembles a shading laser printer with a shading flatbed scanner sectioned previously. It makes the complete gadget quite tall and put on a work area, the scanner could be fumblingly high for shorter individuals to utilize. Better to put resources into a printer trolley. The control board set into the front edge of the gadget has an all around designed, five-line, illuminated LCD show, which is joined by a ring of menu controls, a number cushion, and separate caches to begin mono and shading occupations and to wipe out running ones. At the base of the front board, a spread pivots down to uncover an 180-sheet paper plate, however, this doesn’t haul out in the standard way. Rather, you lay the paper between the sides and slide it into the machine. Curiously, there’s no multi-reason plate for nourishing uncommon media, however, an auxiliary, 500-sheet plate is accessible as an alternative. The scanner area is a routine 600dpi flatbed, with no different controls, other than a lock to counteract harm in travel. At the back are attachments for USB 2.0 and system association, as of course, the gadget is system empowered. Establishment and support are a bit fiddly, as you have to open both front and top boards and evacuate a progression of spreads for the four toner exchange rollers on the merry go round. Toner cartridges slide in through the front, while the photograph conductor drum slides in the corner to corner from the top. Since the scanner takes a seat firmly over the highest point of the printer, Epson has attentively pivoted it, so it can be collapsed up vertically, off the beaten path. There’s a decent scope of packaged programming, from Epson’s Creativity Suite to Presto! Page Manager and the print driver has been overhauled to offer great print support, including watermarks, picture zoom, and page inconvenience. The AcuLaser CX11N utilizes a merry go round based laser motor, which implies each of the four essential hues: cyan, yellow, red and dark, is laid onto the page thus, by turning a merry go round of toner cartridges. The innovation is moderately reduced, however hypothetically ought to take four times as long to print a shading page as a straight motor, where every one of the four cartridges sits in line.In actuality, the gadget created extremely respectable print times, with our five-page content archive finishing in 23 seconds (13ppm) and the blended content and design taking only 18 seconds. Indeed, even the 10 x 15cm photograph just took 19 seconds (3ppm). Despite the fact that these circumstances are all in view of the printer being alert (it takes somewhere around 10 and 20 seconds to wake from rest mode for a first occupation), they demonstrate that a merry go round based shading laser isn’t inexorably moderate. Print quality is additionally high. Dark content is fresh and thick and business illustrations are distinctive, with few indications of banding or different curios. Indeed, even shading photographs, not most laser printers’ fort√©, are all around replicated with an abnormal state of point of interest. In spite of the fact that the shading extent accessible for toner is still some way off that for ink-stream, the pictures accessible from this gadget would be more than sufficient for promoting, say, houses or autos. There are two sorts of consumable in the CX11N, with 4,000-page free high-limit toner cartridges for the four hues and a different photograph conductor unit, evaluated at 42,000 dark pages. This use drops to 10,500 pages when printing shading, however, so you could benefit the gadget consistently, in the event that you utilize it as a workgroup asset. We figure a five for every penny dark page expense of just shy of 2p for every print, with a 20 for each penny shading page coming in at 8.17p. This is aggressive for dark print and a touch superior to the HP comparable on shading.

Epson AcuLaser CX11N Driver Download

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